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The Official Health Plan Marketplace
In 1936, for example, there was much excitement in the profession when a number of public works were to be contested through competitions.
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They started by engaging with the emerging official housing policies, in research work and through architectural competitions.
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The emphasis of and articulated reason for the competitions is the lyrical content and vocal artistry of competitors.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Corporate competitions again flourished as a way for corporations to maintain a public image when products were rationed and taken off the market.
From Cambridge English Corpus
During these, competitions may be held for ideas which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.
From Cambridge English Corpus
By 1935 the policy was in flux, the thinking on competitions muddy.
From Cambridge English Corpus
There is often very little visual resemblance between buildings of the same or similar types resulting from competitions.
From Cambridge English Corpus
If competitive capacity endures, then nodes that happen to represent words acquired early will have an advantage in subsequent competitions, all else being equal.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Tournaments and competitions that place a premium on pyrotechnics are not the best model for serious interdisciplinary activity.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Returning to competitions should be a long-term aim, provided the physiotherapist and the carers feel it is realistic.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Overall programs and activities like recycling competitions would be successful with partnership with existing, knowledgeable clubs.
From Cambridge English Corpus
How much do you like exams, competitions and performances?
From Cambridge English Corpus
In grande competitions was not significantly different from zero, and in petite competitions was substantially larger.
From Cambridge English Corpus
The civil service competitions for appointments to various public bodies were often conducted improperly.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Here we report the results of competitions between pairs of strains that also differ in their ability to undergo mismatch repair.
From Cambridge English Corpus

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競爭, 競賽,比賽…

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